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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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The New Era Effect
                I am a student of Gloria Christian School, one of famous Christian School in Surabaya, Indonesia. I was still Junior High; I am interesting about many things, especially in technology, music and languages. I’d like to introduce you the new era’s mobile-phone that had internet connection on it. It called Blackberry.  I thought computer or anything that has a relation with internet like Blackberry, iPhone, and Computers were very useful for our generation. It could give much knowledge for everyone. We can search fast and without wasting time, because time is money. Internet gave two effects; that was the good effect also the vice versa. Chat and mad new friends would be so easy.
my iMac:]
            Blackberry is a mobile-phone that designed for everyone. It was slim with multi function inside. It designed for every age, from the teenage, business until the old one. We have to accept the function and reject the negative effect. Example; we have a new friend but we didn’t know much about their family background. Do we know he/she is a good or bad person? I think we didn’t know. We should identify it by our self with search many information about their personality. That communication technology had invented in this era, the era where people need much things for communicating each other.
my Blackberry
            I was happy because I had two of them, such as; Blackberry and computer/laptop. I had to attention and be careful about the negative effect of internet. Everyone had to select and know the bad and the good effect from the technology, so the conclusion is we have to choose the right way and left the negative effects.
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