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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fictive story by: Amabel Soewondo

I was sitting on an old dirty wood and prayed to God for a miracle. I didn’t have anything and especially my parents have been passed away 6 years ago. That incident has made my life very useless and I was alone now. It hurts me deeply and I wanted to revenge my parents’ death. The fact, my parents were killed by a man who was my dad ex-staff. He killed them in front of me. And from that time, I have a commitment that I will kill him as soon as I can. Time has passed, now I become a millioner as my wish to God, Thanks a lot Father. The time for me to full fill my commitment by chase and killed him by myself.
One night, while I was sleeping there was big wind shot my bedroom’s window. I shocked that I saw a ghost man who looks like my dad. Once he said to me that I didn’t have to full fill my commitment about revenge his death to his ex-staff, just be the good people. Finally he disappeared and I directly looked at my clock. I was 12 o’clock midnight. The next day, I met my dad’s ex-staff and I invited him to my new house. I have a short conversation with him and asked him about his job now; I saw from his face that he was lied to me. Not long afterwards, I gave a bottle of red wine to him, but actually it was a bottle of human’s blood. Then I called it “SHOW TIME”, I started lock all of the doors in my house and actually he didn’t know if I am the girl who the parents were killed by him. I explained it one by one to him. He shocked and his face suddenly became pale. I said to him, “Now, you should know my feeling, you have hurt me and my parents, pray for yourself. Bye-bye!” He was afraid of his safety while my guard would shoot him with the gun. Finally, he died and my revenge had been done.
                                                                            Words count: 350

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